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Featured Episode: The Last 'Soft' Opponents of Legalization

Aired on: 2014.12.31

Welcome to Lex's World! Today, in this post-election 2014 episode, I wanted to talk about the last two 'soft' opponent groups that stand in the way of solid majorities for Cannabis Legalization victories (and long-term implementation of victories) all over the world. These groups are the "pro use, anti-legalization" group, and the seniors over 70 group. The reason these two groups are soft opponents is because they can be easily turned...we know this because the same demographics used to be prohibitionists 15 years ago, but abandoned that position. The "pro use, anti-legalization" crowd can be overcome by simply presenting them with information they might have never considered; like the many shortcomings of limited decriminalization. As for seniors, their view is based on fear...which can be overcome by dispelling that fear through frank conversation and experience...as the lovely video from a few weeks ago has proven.


norby511 2015.02.14 reply

Glad to see you are still making videos

Anonymous 2015.02.02 reply

Hey Lex I was wondering if you would ever do a video on the pros and cons of joints and blunts. A lot of smokers (myself included) smoke with friends that believe that blunts are not harmful due to the tobacco being taken out but they fail to realize that cigars use tobacco leaves. Yet many prefer them due to their longevity and prefer them over joints. Anyways i'm very glad to see you're still making videos. Keep passing on the knowledge and have a good day. 

tyler 2015.01.04 reply

Glad to see you are still making videos. It's been a long time since I've seen a new video posted.

Khalid Akkad 2014.12.31 reply

great video as always. when are you going to do a video on LEDs vs. HIDs? I take your point that it is still early days and the technology keeps evolving, but we can't wait forever. what's wrong with giving us your opinion on what is out there at the moment!! please reconsider. thanks :)

Lex Blazer 2015.01.01

You said it yourself...it's still the early days. Anything I'd make would be only my opinion. If you really want to see quality LED vs HID opinion and thoughts already out there, check out stuff by Danny Danko (not the most unbiased source for brands, but very knowledgeable).

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