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What is Lex's World about and who is Lex? Well, let's do Question/Answer format...

So what is this show about?

This show is part-Cannabis Culture blog, part- archive of weed FAQ. I started it in 2011 on Youtube and, after accumulating millions of hits, migrated the show to its own domain in January, 2014. I've put thousands of hours of research into many aspects of Cannabis and am very passionate about it. Not just in terms of recreational use & as a matter of personal sovereignty, but also as a medical treatment to combat many serious conditions. That all said, I still recognize it as a drug and an intoxicant that should be used responsibly and in moderation. The primary focus of the show is always to educate through research. Although that doesn't stop me from putting up for-fun or opinion episodes. The topics are random because it all depends on what's on my mind. Lex's World plays best when watched in the order; using the navigation buttons under each video.

When do new episodes air?

Currently, new episodes air randomly. I could do an episode once every couple of months or twice a week, depending on what's going on in the world of Cannabis and my own world. The easiest way to never miss an episode is to Subscribe with your e-mail at the top right of the page.

Who Are You?

My stage name is Lex Blazer and I am the host of Lex’s World and operator of Lex Seed Supply, an Online Cannabis Seedbank. My actual identity is something I don’t discuss much on the show, and I show even my face rarely... although chronological viewers can piece together quite a bit about me. The reason for the stage name is that when discussing controversial or quasi-legal topics on a global platform like the internet, notoriety is rarely helpful.

What do you do for a living? Are you a doctor?

I currently operate Lex Seed Supply and otherwise work at a head shop part-time. Because I give my opinion on heatlh topics and get a lot of medical inquiries, people ask me if I’m a doctor. Just to be clear; I am NOT a doctor  . My formal education is in Criminal Justice. I also have an extensive background in law enforcement and regulatory work. Seriously!  . Feel free to follow my health tips but they do not supersede advice that a doctor has tailored for your needs.

Are you a grower or breeder?

I do not personally grow either medically or recreationally. I can't be a grower while concurrently publishing a show like this. That wouldn't be discreet or safe, even in a legal cultivation scenario. Of course, I have access to many growers as information resources for the show...however, all growers & product providers (merchandise, paraphernalia, clothing) who contribute any visuals to the show are held in the strictest confidence. If you believe your grow is unique and can be used to teach others about unusual methodology, I'd love to hear from you.

Lex, I sent you an e-mail with a question but you never responded! WTF?

I really make an effort to answer all the e-mails I get. This is very time consuming. If I did not answer your question, it's because I felt that the answer is on the Lex’s World website and is relatively easy to find. The episodes page is equipped with a search bar and episode titles are very specific to help with navigation.

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