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If you have any questions about the website, this is the best section to read through. If your question is not answered, feel free to use the Contact Lex page to contact Lex.

Your website is loading but the videos don't work for me.

In 95% of cases, the problem is the browser being used (Lex's World works great with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari). The videos may not be compatible with some of the more obscure browsers, like Opera. Switch browsers and you should be good to go. This site is best viewed with Google Chrome. If switching browsers has failed to work, e-mail dev@lexsworld.ca with a detailed explanation of your situation, include what browser you are using and the version of it.

I'm wondering if you've ever done an episode on...?

If you are looking for a specific episode and are overwhelmed by volume, use the search engine in the upper-right corner. The search tool searches both episode titles and descriptions.

What order should I watch the show in?

Most episodes are designed for stand-alone viewing (for new viewers)…but the best order to watch the show is in the chronological order of release from oldest to newest episode. The buttons below each episode are the easiest way to achieve this. If you watch every single episode you will know more about Cannabis than 99.99% of people.

I am an expert in a specific area of Cannabis; is there anything I can contribute to the show?

We'd love to hear from you! Lex is always seeking experts in various areas to help create videos. Same thing for manufacturers of Paraphernalia/Horticulture products. Be sure to get in touch with the show through the “Contact Lex” page and tells us what your specialty is. Every contact Lex has is kept in the strictest confidence.

Will the show ever return to YouTube?

No. Operating on YouTube was cumbersome and presented too many difficulties; despite the terrific viewership there. The show still has a presence on YouTube, if you search up Lex's World on there…but it is purely a promotional presence.

Is the Marijuana-themed clothing you wear on the show actually available to buy?

If you mean some of the random Marijuana-themed shirts in the old episodes... then no. If you mean the "Lex's World" clothing with the show's logo... then yes. It's not really something I advertise on the show, but since you've read this far, it probably means you are actually wondering about this, so some Lex's World clothing can be purchased here.

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