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How To Re-moisten Dry Weed

Aired on: 2013.03.10

How Can you make Dry Cannabis moist again? How can you humidify it when its gone 'bad'?... To prevent weed from drying out improperly, you must use correct storage... and I do have an episode on that. But if that ship has sailed, you might be looking at a couple of crumbling grams that have been drying out for a month or two and wondering how you can revitalize them. After all, dry pot can be harsh to smoke, even in a vaporizer. The answer is oranges! Or rather Orange peel. Watermelon peel and other moist peels work as well. Just be sure to not overuse it otherwise too much moisture will lead to mould.


Cheri 2014.02.20 reply

Hey Lex, just to make sure before I try this out.. In theory this would work with a lemon peel as well right? 

Lex 2014.02.21

Hey Cheri; yes, lemon peel works too....not quite as well as orange peel because I think lemon peels have less moisture...but it'll all work.

Randy 2014.02.09 reply

Thank you so much..! I miss your YouTube channel.. Love your videos man I'm glad you haven't gave up after the banned you.

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