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The Next 80 Years In Marijuana Legalization

Aired on: 2013.07.14

What is going to happen next with weed? Will it be decriminalized or Legalized? Will Cannabis be regulated or unregulated? How long will Legalization take and what will it look like? Today on Lex's World we enjoy high discussion time over that question. My personal view is that the end of Marijuana Prohibition will end much like Alcohol Prohibition ended. Slowly, over many years and jurisdiction by jurisdiction... and it won't be legalized outright, not in the near future anyway. It will be heavily regulated at first almost everywhere. But in the long-term... 80 years... we should get to where we are now with Alcohol. This process must start in the United States before the rest of the world makes good progress on it, not because the US is more important than other countries but because they are the leaders of the entire Global Drug War. Right now, breaking away from the Federal US drug approach view is considered going against the grain and only Uruguay is actively pursuing such legislation at the time of this recording. Fortunately, we ARE seeing progress in the Federal United States government with bills like H.R 1523 the "Respect State Marijuana Laws Act". Whether this bi-partisan piece of legislation makes it past committee or not, it is very telling of the direction the government is taking.

Update(January, 2014): while Bill 1523 has stalled, Uruguay has successfully legalized and regulated Marijuana. CONGRATULATIONS URUGUAY!


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