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Cigarettes Vs Marijuana

Aired on: 2013.07.28

Cannabis Vs Tobacco... which one is worse for you? It's a health comparison studied over and over again in the last 20 years and yet we still don't have a solid answer... at least in terms of comparing one joint to one cigarette in a dozen different ways. Scientists have tried to measure 1 joint to 1 cigarette in smoke volume, carcinogen levels, affects on cancer rates, how addictive they are and so forth... and every study gets a different answer! Every year! That just means a 1 Joint to 1 Cigarette comparison is impossible. Today on Lex's World I try to address the rest of the health aspect by putting the studies aside and keeping things practical: instead of comparing a joint to a cigarette... what is the body count? How many people has Marijuana killed compared to cigarettes? How many people aren't dead yet, but are known to be seriously ill directly due to the patient smoking one of these two substances? THAT'S a comparison one can REALLY hang their hat on when deciding which one is less healthy... because its not even close. OBVIOUS SPOILER: approximately 5 million annual deaths due to cigarettes, yet as you know from my prior episodes, only a small handful each year for weed. And only under certain circumstances.


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Nice video, cat!

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