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Grow Light Cycles And Blackout Advice

Aired on: 2013.08.04

What are the 18/6 and 12/12 light cycles? How can you change light cycles quickly and efficiently and what happens if your bulb or your timer go out? Today on Lex's World I tackle these questions. a 24 hour timer is the best tool to use for your Cannabis Grow Room whether you use an LED or HID bulb. Most timers run dual outlets but there's bigger ones too. Also, if you experience that eventual equipment failure, be it a broken timer or a burned out bulb, don't panic! 24-48 hours of messed up lighting will not have a devastating impact on your grow. However, more than 48 hours causes plant stress, which can lead to a hermaphrodite or lower yield. Go longer than a few days and you're looking at a grow that can be pretty much scrapped.

15 Amp, 1725 Watt Grounded Timer by Hydrofarm


dylan 2015.04.15 reply

What if you were to put your plants on straight 24 hour lighting and then do 12/12 for flowering´╗┐

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