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Is Buying Weed Online A Scam?

Aired on: 2013.09.29

Online Scam Alert Episode... lots of people are claiming to sell Marijuana on the Internet; but are they just scamming you? My comments section is always filled with spam claiming that if you get in touch with someone, they can 'mail' you some pot. Will you ever get some or will your money be gone? Today on Lex's world I discuss both scammers and legitimate, legal websites that specialize in medical Cannabis or seeds. We also touch on what's out there on the "dark side" of the internet... black marketplaces. Websites like Silk Road (which was shut down in 2013 but was, of course, promptly replaced by its second-biggest competitor). The long and the short of it is that you shouldn't buy weed online when getting it locally or growing it is relatively easy. Enjoy today's episode!


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