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Indoor Cats Vs Outdoor Cats

Aired on: 2013.10.06

The debate on whether cats should be outdoors or indoors is a relatively new conversation, considering humans and cats have been living together for thousands of years. The quality of life Vs quantity of life argument is the main question discussed when figuring out whether to put a cat outside or inside. My argument, today on Lex's world, will be that this is only a discussion topic when seen from the point of view of a human. From the point of view of the cat, there is no discussion: the healthier, natural way to go is to at least give the cat regular outdoor access. Keeping cats indoors 100% of the time for the sake of a longer life is a bizarre human concept that felines would probably not even be able to identify with. They simply do not care how long they live, all they want to do is to be able to pursue their instincts, which they can only do ideally in the great outdoors.


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