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How Weed Affects IQ & My High-Q Experiment

Aired on: 2013.10.13

How does Smoking Cannabis long-term impact your IQ? What about your IQ WHILE you're high? As it turns out, age and frequency of use are the biggest contributors to the issue of long-term use and the overall impact on your IQ is a negative one. Not a huge impact, but if you've been a heavy pot user every day since you were 15, odds are you've lost a few IQ points as opposed to other people who either haven't changed their IQ or raised it slightly. Moderate Marijuana users do not seem to impact their score at all. The good news is that if you fall into the former, your IQ has only dropped a handful of points. Today on Lex's World I also did a test to see how much MY IQ drops between being baked and being sober. My comparison test took a few months to properly complete, but if you want to just get baked and test your High-Q score, feel free to do so here.


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