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Can Weed SMOKE Increase Cancer Risk?

Aired on: 2013.11.03

Can *smoking* Cannabis, via combustion, lead to greater instance of cancer? What about eating or vaporizing it? What exactly is the correlation between that thick combusted smoke and cancer? It is a different question than whether Cannabis itself can cause cancer. Today on Lex's World I will discuss the similarity between cigarette smoke and Marijuana smoke. I won't get into comparing cigarettes Vs weed... I've already done that in a different episode. The important thing is that when you create smoke through combustion, you create carcinogens,... ALWAYS!

Without smoke, then the question becomes whether Cannabis itself is a cancerous herb. Which it isn't. It is not cancerous or toxic. In fact, as implied in my overview episode on oil, Cannabis contains anti-cancerous compounds called Cannabinoids and in concentrated form it is actually an alternative cancer treatment.

Long story short: vaporize or eat, don't smoke!


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