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What Is An Agnostic? ...By One.

Aired on: 2013.11.17

What is Agnosticism? The misconception is that it's just people who can't decide on their belief system. That is not accurate at all. At least not by the traditional definition of the Agnostic view. Today on Lex's World we talking about Agnostics compared to various believers. Even atheists have a belief system: a belief that there are no deities. Agnostics are different because they truly hold no beliefs regarding god & higher power. The agnostic logic states that because no one knows the answer, and the answer is far beyond our grasp as a species, its best to simply not hold a belief (because it will unlikely be correct anyway) and simply make peace with not knowing. Some people can achieve great calmness by taking this approach, but a lot of people find it very difficult, especially during hard times. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Lets keep it polite, remember, we're all sharing this grain of sand together!

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Vape Dude in Tennessee 2015.10.16 reply

While I do not share your views, I very much appreciate the thoughtful, calm, and nonjudgmental way that you present them. I used to work with a guy whose religious and political views were as different from mine as could be, and yet we enjoyed talking about religion and politics and having friendly but vigorous debates. What a refreshing way to interact with others and learn from them! I hope more people adapt your mindset of open inquiry that remains respectful of the views of others.

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