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Future Of Cannabis Breeding (Predictions)

Aired on: 2014.01.12

What does the Marijuana Seed Breeding industry of 30 years from now hold? High Potency THC strains? mild joints? High CBD Strains? Smell, taste, color and different types of high? Today on Lex's World I wanted to talk about the broad and very exciting field of Cannabis breeding and where it might go. Thousands of companies will someday exist globally in this sub-industry alone...and many will be small businesses with niche markets. Those who start thinking about breeding now will be the leading entrepreneurs of the future, so its certainly worth talking about. As a quick side topic, I wanted to address a question I've gotten a lot since my portable vaporizers episode: How can you make a stationary vaporizer into a portable one? Like if you want to take it to a camp-site where you might not have outlets readily available?

The Answer: A Pocket Inverter, like this one.


Tim 2015.06.18 reply

Do the future of concentrates!

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