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Can Teleportation Exist?

Aired on: 2014.01.19

Can Teleportation devices be real? How would humans achieve teleporting and when will it happen? Today on a High Discussion Time episode of Lex's World we talk about the two main known routes to teleportation: deconstruction and reconstruction as well as wormholes. One technology is appears easier to achieve since it relies primarily on the power of computing, but its many imperfections are a little too scary to overlook. The other technology, wormholes, which has been suggested in physics by the Morris-Thorne theory among others, is a lot cooler and seems more user-friendly...since it doesn't kill you during travel...but way tougher to pull off. This even ties into a high discussion time from a while back regarding aliens.


Bruce 2017.12.09 reply

And how do you keep your thoughts in logical order while you are stoned? Discipline? Practice?

mario pendic 2014.01.29 reply

Religion is a, poison to everything. Oh and, lex being agnostic is, only a claim about knowledge. lets take unicorns or Bigfoot or ghosts for example. Il guess u don't believe in those. But u r an agnostic to that because u cant necessarily know they don't exist u, just have no reason or evidence to say that. same with any god. U can be an agnostic atheist or agnostic theist. as an atheist, there is,no reason or evidence to believe in any gods but nobody can really,"know". So i am an agnostic atheist. so when u just say agnostic i feel that'sa cop out and doesn't tell me anything

Aaron Monroe 2014.01.19 reply

So you could reconstruct purpously leaving out flaws, like the mole on my arm...Or cancer...It might not actually assist in transportation when it's finally realized...I love the improvements to your site! Great video! 

Alivia 2014.01.19 reply

I like the new design for the website :) awesome video as always 

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