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Mixing Coffee & Marijuana

Aired on: 2014.01.26

Today on Lex's World we'll discuss the questions around using Caffeine and Weed together. What happens when you mix different strain groups like Sativas vs Indicas? What are the health concerns around combining these two drugs? Is it true or false that Caffeine counteracts THC? I also wanted to bring up a side topic regarding prepackaged "air filter tips" and whether they really protect your health any better than the self-made roll up ones....with a reminder that the self-made roll up ones do nothing at all health-wise. The ones in the video are Mascotte brand, for others click here.


Dextera 2014.10.02 reply

In my Experience i felt extremely bad/anxious/weird when i used a preworkout Supplement that was high in caffeine the day that i would smoke up at night or so.... its one of my golden rules now to never smoke on a day that i had more then a Cup of coffee....

justin 2014.02.02 reply

Why is it call HIGH aka "under the influnce" called High. Why is it not called low. Wouldn't it make more since? 

Duncan 2014.01.28 reply

Hey Lex, would you be interested in doing a video all about mushrooms?

Lex 2014.03.01

Mushrooms is the only other drug besides cannabis-related drugs on which I might do a video on someday. But nothing on the books currently.

Grams Judy 2014.01.26 reply

I medicate for anxiety and arthritis, I know I have to watch how much coffee and whether a sativa or indica is better for me at the time, there is a balance with that said the more things you put into the mix the more mixed up things may become.

Ethan 2014.01.26 reply

I used to drink coffee and smoke weed all the time when I first started. I would go chill with my friends and we'd hang out, smoke weed, and drink coffee. I wasn't a heavy coffee drinker before then so both would get to me. I did notice that my heart rate would go up occasionally after I went back home though. Great video. 

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