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Finding Cannabis Magazines & My Pick

Aired on: 2014.02.09

What is the best Cannabis Culture Magazine? How do you find ANY of these magazines to begin with? Today on Lex's World I wanted to talk about marijuana-themed publications and what I like about my favorite one: High Times. The publication that started out as somewhat of a satire gag in 1974...poking fun at playboy magazine... and is now celebrating its 40th year. There's tons of them out there (and many have come & gone)... just to name a few: skunk magazine, 420magazine, Cannabis Culture, High Times, Nug Magazine, kush magazine, Cannabis Now, Cronic Cannabis, Northwest Leaf, Dope magazine, heads, Hemp Times, weed world.

High Times Official Site


hjay 2014.05.06 reply

Glad to find you after YouTube. I have seen magazines, High Times, Skunk at large bookstores like Barnes and Nobles or Books a Million, around here. But you can get High Times digitally now. I get it through Zinio, and it is available from others. You may have to search for it.

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