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Cannabis & Psychosis: The Relationship

Aired on: 2014.03.09

Can smoking Cannabis lead to Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders? How strong is the relationship between psychosis and pot? Has it been studied? Today on Lex's World we discuss these questions, which have been hugely requested and comprise a fair chunk of my mail over the years. To create an up-to-date episode on this, I reviewed approximately 25 studies on Cannabis & Psychosis or Schizophrenia, all between 2004 & early 2014 and all available online. For a hugely complex topic like mental illness and marijuana, compiling the data into one 5 minute episode of conclusions has been the toughest part which is why this has taken so long for me to finish. Sorry about the wait guys :P The long and the short of it is that Cannabis IS a risk factor for psychosis.

There's too much data to suggest this is true to simply ignore. However, in the grand scheme of things, smoking weed is definitely not a big factor in whether you end up with a psychotic disorder; factors like genetics and stress level play at LEAST equal roles, if not much bigger roles....and no matter what, your odds of turning psychotic in this world are quite low. When you consider that despite the incredible popularity of Cannabis (15% of the adult population in some places), much less than 1% of all people have some form of serious psychosis, it starts to put the risks into some perspective. By the way, this video is about Cannabis, because that's the only drug my research really focused on; other drugs impact psychosis odds totally differently.


PeteStank 2014.04.12 reply

I've also heard high THC levels may contribute to feelings of being mentally crazy. Who knows 

Ethan 2014.04.05 reply

Awesome video Lex! I don't know how many viewers you get, but I feel like you should get more comments than you do because you have great videos

norby 2014.03.15 reply

Hey you are always entertaining even when you talk about stuff I don't care too much about have you considered doing a vlog? or just recording rants or something? I would enjoy seeing it

Brooks Yeager 2014.03.09 reply

Lex keep up the good work, the new website rocks!

norby 2014.03.15

I second that

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