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Is My Weed From A Cartel?

Aired on: 2014.03.16

Nobody wants Cartel weed either from Mexico or from other gangs. So today on Lex's world we talk about how to tell whether your pot might be from a Cartel. It's not easy to know, especially if you don't buy in bulk. Geographic location, quality, packaging, denominations and dealer habits are all factors that come in to play to tell you whether your pot comes from an organized crime source.


James 2014.04.08 reply

Nice topic, Lex! and, Bullshit, it would be very simple to get away with having a couple plants at most if you have your own house, and if you aren't irresponsible or stupid (to put it frankly) with your activity. I like to say, some things, people can do whatever they want, but some things need to stay private between you and your close friends. its best that way anyway, because whether its legal or not, some people will always associate a stigma with someone who uses marijuana.

Bullshit 2014.03.16 reply

Yea, grow your own and get busted.

Lex 2014.03.16

The idea that growing your own supply is more dangerous is a very common misconception. Unless you're a dumb 14 year old who grows it in their backyard or something, your odds of getting 'busted' are just as high when you're putting yourself out there buying marijuana in transactions over and over again. Besides, nobody is going to get a warrant on your house for growing one personal-use plant at a time. Or even notice you. Where people get into trouble is when their 1 plant becomes 12 plants for them and all their friends....and in the process of that expansion they've bragged about it the whole way. ALL that in mind, when cops do a search warrant on a house and happen to find one plant while there, half the time all they do is tear it out of the ground. They do not treat 12 plants similarly. 

Bullshit 2014.04.06

That's the case may be in your country - Canada... Keep in mind you have international audience. Anyway, you think one plant can satisfy me? For smoking everyday?

Lex 2014.04.06

I would give the same answer to anyone living in the US or Britain...all three countries combined are about 90% of my viewership......and I think if you smoke every day 1 large plant, done cyclically could meet your needs.....maybe two plants at most.

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