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What Is The Cannabis Cup?

Aired on: 2014.03.30

Today on Lex's World we talk about something many people don't know exists: marijuana breeding competitions, with a focus on the High Times Cannabis Cups. We'll talk a bit about what happens at these convention-style events, judging, categories and what you can expect if you visit one. There's several Cups and Awards out there and many others that have come & gone. The most prevalent, most established and (for now) biggest cup is the Medical Cup in Amsterdam. However, the Denver Cannabis Cup, which includes recreational use...and is now in the Commercial Centre for Weed.... is vying to steal its title. It remains to be seen, probably by 2016, whether the California Cup will have a chance to catch up.

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Records

Various other Cups Records


Koz 2014.03.31 reply

Hey Lex, Another nice instalment from the "faceless one"....lol 

Mike 2014.03.30 reply

Hey, nice video! :P I was wondering if you could do a video on what reverse smoking is and how to do it?! thnx! :P

Lex 2014.04.03

To be honest, I wouldn't do that episode because I don't recommend people attempt that.

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