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Does Smoking Pot Make You Lazy?

Aired on: 2014.04.13

So does smoking marijuana make you lazy? Today on Lex's World I wanted to talk about that question....lazyness is something different to everyone though, so in this context being lazy means 'lazier than your average self'. Still, this is a pretty subjective topic. But the reason it keeps coming up is that like many stoner stereotypes, while it isn't exactly true, there's a grain of truth in it. If you smoke up heavily (daily or multi-daily) there's a high chance it reduces your productivity for a variety of fundamental reasons. For some people it goes down a little bit, for others it plummets. A handful are an exception to the rule, but they are a small minority. So as is often my message; moderation is key.


Joe 2014.04.17 reply

I thought someone was knocking on my door a the end!

Kevin 2014.04.17 reply

Hello Lex, I really like your vids. I would really know something about smoking using hookah water pipe, and its effectivity. Thanks for your great videos, and keep posting more.

Norby 2014.04.14 reply

have you ever thought about wearing a mask? because watching your hands gets a tad weird after watching a hour straight 

Lex 2014.04.15

Yeah, i might end up doing something with a mask or some kind of disguise sometime soon...I agree its bland.if watching a ton in a row, i recommend switching to audio after a while. Its really an audio show anyway :P

Mighty Blunts 2014.04.14 reply

Hey lex love your viedos, the question is do blunts stain your theeth and can you get addictied to blunts.

mario 2014.04.14 reply

Hey lex great videos I agree for the most part can u make a video on smoking and driving possibly? I have a always wanted to know about it

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