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How Much Marijuana Can One Plant Yield?

Aired on: 2014.04.27

So how much weed exactly CAN one plant make? This is a common beginner question that gets asked on Horticulture forums all the time. If you're looking at growing for your own personal use, this is likely among the biggest questions on your mind. How small can you keep the project while still meeting your needs? Well, unfortunately you cannot predict a yield on a per-plant basis. You might be able to ballpark it if you're familiar with growing the strain and have grown in similar conditions before. Aside from that, you're out of luck. But bare this in mind: for personal use there's really no need to use more than an 600 Watt HID bulb or equivalent as per the calculation below. You can use the gram per watt formula to reach that conclusion; if you successfully grow the 1 gram/watt you should be all set no matter how 'high' your needs are. Outdoors, just one or two plants should do, depending on strain and weather conditions.

600 grams/harvest X 3 Harvests per year = 1800 grams/year = 34.6 grams/week. Over 1 Oz per week!


Norby511 2014.04.28 reply

subscribe? are you uploading on youtube again? 

Randy 2014.04.27 reply

Great video and timing on uploading this video! I'm ordering seeds today and hopefully have the grow setup by the end of this week. Thank you Lex's! Also, can you make a video on aero growing?

Lex Blazer 2014.04.27

Aeroponics is very high up on my priority list; coming up soon. Though by soon, I mean after the off-season break, which is coming up sooner.

DerpDerpity420 2014.04.27 reply

REALLY great episode once again. Thanks Lex. Peace

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