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The Easy Stoner Bucket List

Aired on: 2014.05.04

Ok, its time for a stoner bucket list! Fun and radical stuff to do while you're high; most of it is regular stuff that's just waaaay more amazing when you're totally baked. I came up with a list of about 20 of my favorites, most of which are incredibly simple to do. Have fun over the summer! This is another Lex's World Season finale. Like before, I am going to take a couple of months off doing new episodes but that doesn't mean there won't be any action on the show at all. I am still going to be updating the old archive of episodes and improving content during this off-time. Follow either the facebook or the twitter because those are the only places I will be posting the updates I'll be doing until the next new episode in July, 2014.


secret64 2014.10.09 reply

Please make the Stoner Bucket List into a series. You could make them themed. One will be a list of YouTube videos, one will be movies, one will be video games, etc. ...or not. Or if you have one idea you want to elaborate on for an entire video, it could be an "SBL Special". I have some suggestions: Record yourself describing your experience in detail. Try to get to an understanding of the core of what the difference between high and "low" is. What exactly does "being high" mean? Use vocabulary. Use analogies. Describe from different points of view. Try to simplify your understanding to a point where you can explain it to someone else, and they will understand (to an extent). A discussion about this with one or more other person would greatly enhance this experience. I remember the first time I got high, I was trying to do this nonstop. I wish I had recorded it. I was saying things like "That thing over there feels like it's millions of lightyears away, yet I can still see it." and "I feel like thoughts I had before this one were done over a period of millions of years each, but they still happened within seconds of each other." I was having deep insights about parallel universes and how time is really a series of still 3d snapshots, and I'm just moving through them like a filmstrip. It makes sense when you're high. Play a nostalgic childhood video game like Ocarina of Time. Then play antichamber. antichamber-game.com Also, Oculus Rift. Listen to high quality music. Take a break from the pop or rock music you usually listen to on the radio, and listen to something deeply emotionally moving for you even when you're not high. I have one: youtu.be/rPakd1q3Q8Y Actually I have LOTS of them. Also, use headphones. Completely immerse yourself in an artistic activity such as drawing, writing, dancing, singing, acting, etc. Speaking of creativity, really look around and think hard about the things you can do while high. If you're interested in spiritual things, then see about combining that with weed. For example, meditate while high. Try closing your eyes, and going deep with in your mind to find out more about yourself. I recommend exploring this website erowid.org/experiences/subs/exp_Cannabis.shtml full of people who have smoked weed, and have a story to tell. If you know how to induce a lucid dream, then I would completely envy you, because I've been trying to do that on and off for years. Anyway, lucid dream while high. It can't get better than that can it? Be a child again. Pretend, play, wonder, and just do what you would do if you were a kid again. Reawaken that young spirit you used to have when you were 5 years old. When I was a kid, One of my favorite things to do was to pretend a stick was a sword. Not only would I swing it around, but I would have full-fledged heroic adventures with it. Get a friend to have a pretend sword fight with you while stoned. Roll down a hill. Spin until you're dizzy. You get the idea.

chaz 2014.06.25 reply

Why would plants start budding then growth stoped

John 2014.05.29 reply

Minecraft is always great stoned!

UrLowSelfEsteem_ 2014.05.11 reply

Lex is awesome. i've been watchin his stuff for awhile now..proud to be a stonerr!

Gary 2014.05.09 reply

My favorite songs when high are jeepers creepers by Louie Armstrong and what a wonderful world by Louie Armstrong.

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