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How To Roll A Mega Joint

Aired on: 2014.06.29

A party joint, giga joint, cannon...whatever your term for it is, refers to any joint that's big. How big? Well, usually MUCH bigger than one rolled with a king-sized rolling paper. One that requires multiple papers. Today on Lex's World I'll show you how to roll a larger-than-normal joint using three or more regular sized papers. We will do it with three, but you can easily see how you can expand these instructions to pretty much any size.

A lot of viewers don't know this about me, but I'm a huge Hunger Games Fan. Which of course means I'm currently very excited for the upcoming final two movies. If you happen to be a Hunger Games fan...the kind who read the novels....AND you like fanfiction, check out my Mockingjay Expanded Ending for all you out there who just wanted more 'ending' when you were reading Mockingjay: here

Also, side note for regular viewers: The schedule of airing changes a bit as of today; check out the About Lex page for more info...basically, being a subscriber has become even more important.


Dude 2015.01.03 reply

You look EXACTLY like I imagined you to.

James 2014.08.12 reply

Awesome mega-joint, and it was cool seeing your face! I've watched a lot of your videos, but where else do you see it (or is that a secret?)

Lex 2014.08.13

oh yeah, thats a secret....

Norby511 2014.07.04 reply

you are a handsome dude! no homo intention just saying.

Koz 2014.06.29 reply

Hey Lex, Finally we get to see your face more often, much more personal, although I would've watched your videos regardless. It is freezing here in Australia and catching up on a few videos inside is about all I want to do right now. Great vid as always Lex!

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