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What Is 710 & What's The Best Solvent?

Aired on: 2014.07.10

Happy 710, fellow tokers! Today on Lex's World I figured I would go over what July 10th (7/10) is really all about. That's today! Of course, it is a stoner holiday for concentrates. Wax, Oil, Shatter, Bubble Hash and so forth. For you who are already familiar with 710, on this occasion I also thought it would be worthwhile to mention what is the best solvent; in my opinion it is N-Butane. Other solvents like Hexane come to mind too, but N-Butane has become incredibly available (now that it's in cans, not just gas cylinders), and it is super simple to work with. When working with Butane, it is important to know the difference between the butane mix that's in those hardware store lighter cans Vs pure N-butane. True lab grade N-butane is available in a gas cylinder from any gas supply company. If that route sounds like too much trouble, below are a couple of companies that achieve results very close to pure industrial N-butane, but in a can.

Tons of Lab-Quality Concentrates Safety Information:


norby511 2014.07.11 reply

I assumed life got in the way or something when there was no sunday video but now I understand the delay :p love the video keep up the great work 

Koz 2014.07.10 reply

Hey Lex, Another great video by the man!

James Kalaj 2014.07.10 reply

Hey Lex you thought me something i didn't know as u always do. Funny part is it is my birthday today lol

Robin 2014.07.10

well then: happy birthday from germany James :)

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