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The Top Cannabis Activists

Aired on: 2014.07.23

Today on Lex's World I wanted to acknowledge my top 5 picks for Cannabis Activists who got us through the difficult times for weed; the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. My top picks are: Keith Stroup in the area of law reform, Jorge Cervantes in Horticulture, Jack Herer in Hemp, Rick Simpson in concentrates and Marc Emery as the greatest general activist from my country: Canada.

There are many people within the marijuana community who have disagreements with one or more of these folks...nobody is liked by everyone. But these individuals were willing to push onward in the name of justice, health and personal freedom time and time again against difficult odds. My deep respect to all five of these guys for the commitment and personal sacrifices they made for Cannabis Reform. There is a whole host of other names that I could include, but unfortunately the episode was already running long


A.Hernandez 2014.07.27 reply

Great list Lex.

Koz 2014.07.23 reply

Fascinating Lex, thanks man!

norby511 2014.07.23 reply

so is this the new day for videos? 

Lex 2014.07.23

the videos air randomly now...there is no longer a 'day'....take a look at the "about lex" section for info...

Rick Machiele DerpDerpity420 2014.07.23 reply

I totally agree with recognizing these amazing individuals. However, something should be said to acknowledge the millions of peopl who despite the laws, continued to defy the lies and take the jail time and lose the jobs so that this medicine can be enjoyed legally. We started all the petitions that failed and kept trying until we got the laws we needed. There are still millions doing this in countries and states that have yet to evolve their policies. Thanks Lex!!!!!! GRATS Mark Emery.

Rick Machiele 2014.07.23

Also, for Canada, Matt Mernaugh (I hope I spelled that correctly) currently running for Mayor of Toronto, gave up a whole lot but came home with a win against the whole Country of Canada really. I respect his loses of time and property in that effort a great deal and hope others do as well. Peace

drum n bazz 2014.07.23 reply

Am I somekind of activist if I spread truth about cannabis to everyone? I even admitted I smoke weed to my parents, that didn't go well, tho...

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