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A Cannabis Lounge? And when to expect one on your street....

Aired on: 2016.01.26

Today on Lex's World I wanted to discuss these recreational (not medical!) marijuana consumption lounges & clubs that are popping up where consumers gather to smoke socially. They're just like a pub or a bar but for pot, not liquor! The biggest variation, for now, is that customers are typically allowed to bring in their own weed and are not required to purchase from the premises (in most cases premises do not sell anything other than snacks). I recently visited Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture Vapor Lounge in Downtown Vancouver and it was super interesting, especially in the context of current Canadian law. How do these premises operate, generate revenue and what the business model currently looks like? I also wanted to talk about the present and future of weed lounges as an industry as legalization unfolds in City after City and Country after country.

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Patrick 2016.01.29 reply

This is something that would rapidly change the perception of marijuana and the people that smoke it. I believe if smoking was allowed in a public place such as this people would begin to get curious and wander in, even if just for fun, and see that not everybody that smokes is the typical stereotypical pot smoker. Weed can be something sophisticated just as drinking a glass of wine is and I cant wait for a lounge to open up somewhere near LA

James 2016.01.27 reply

Hey, that was interesting - I never knew these existed. It's surprising they can even exist in the big cities if MJ is still not legal federally in Canada. I'll have to take a trip sometime and check one out!

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