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How To Fight Cancer With Cannabidiol? (CBD)

Aired on: 2012.04.10

Forget the War on Drugs, the war on Cancer is more important! Cannabidiol is a chemical compound extracted from Marijuana plants. It can't get you high on its own without the help of THC. Genetics Oriented Cultivators care about it, but Its medical uses to fight Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia, Social Anxiety and other disorders what makes it interesting. Lately though, it has gotten A LOT more fame. A few years ago we got the first bits of research that CBD can inhibit cancer cell growth. Now, a US pharmaceutical Company (for whom I am not employed, btw), called Cannabis Science has taken that research further and is trying to get a drug approved for the market to fight cancer! If they can succeed in getting FDA approval, they will have the first truly effective non-toxic way to fight cancer. Big news for people suffering from cancer.

Cannabis Science Website


Elias 2015.05.01 reply

Could you make an episode where you talk about how growers can "play" with cbd levels in their product? like how can you influence the cbd to thc ratio? thak you :)

Lex 2015.05.02

Unfortunately, modifying CBD ratio in any significant way involves genetic breeding. Fortunately, while when this video was made this was not the case, NOW we have companies that specialize in CBD seed breeding. Like the CBD crew.

Elias Salinas 2014.02.25 reply

Thanks for sharing the amazing news. This video was very insightful.

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