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Never Exhaust A Grow Room Through A Furnace Chimney!

Aired on: 2012.04.17

I had to make this episode because some people actually do this and a few have gotten hurt! HVAC is a complex topic; a lot more so than most people would think. Its enormously complicated when you start researching it in detail. Despite that, a few growers through history have tried exhausting their grow room air through their furnace chimney with no HVAC knowledge because it seemed convenient. A few have regretted it big time. Remember that your grow room fan is at least 4" and likely bigger & runs 24/7! Your furnace fan is nothing to sneeze at either and turns on occasionally... and the chimney pipe is almost certainly 6" or smaller. When you try to push too many CFMs up a chimney pipe you can get back pressure and backflow. Playing with Carbon Monoxide is dangerous so today on Lex's World I'll show you visually why this sometimes-practiced method is a No-No!


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