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Green Out Survival Guide

Aired on: 2012.05.13

Greening out from smoking too much weed is no laughing matter....anyone who has ever experienced a true Marijuana Green Out is fully aware of how brutal it is. So I wanted to discuss what to do in the event of one. The long and the short of it is that if it happens, there's no magic bullet; you just have to ride it out. But there are things you can do to make the ride easier and today on Lex's world we go over them. The summary is: Get comfortable, get away from noise and light and sip on water. Do not freak out...just keep in mind a THC overdose has never killed anyone and you're not going to become the exception! The good news is that it will be over soon.


Jaxton Phrase 2016.06.27 reply

I've had experienced this twice, first i got really drunk and then decided (So Stupid) to smoke a joint only to find myself sitting on the side of the pool then i felt nausea and my stomach just released and i threw up in the pool which turned green.. i felt so sick after my friends rushed me to the hospital but on the way i felt better because we were in a Convertible and i had the wind blowing my face so i recovered from that too.. second time was at a club where i got drunk again and decided (So Stupid yet again) to smoke with a friend, one joint we halved it and then it hit me again.. the same freaking feeling i had the first time but this time i was so paranoid that i thought i was going to die, but as i was spewing all over the floor one bouncer came up and pulled me out of the club and splashed iced-cold water in my head, which i recovered within 2 minutes.. so there you go.. first don't smoke after you've had so much alcohol, that's one cause of green out and secondly jus remember to set a side an iced-cold water when you do forget to not smoke when you're drunk hehehe

dallas 2015.06.16 reply

the key word to this is toke slow. ive experienced green out since I have a very low tolerance to mary jane I can only take one or two hits of a joint once every 2 hours. when the THC levels were lower back in 2001 I could smoke 7 to 10 hits off of a joint every 2 hours. now of days the THC levels have gotten ridiculous in my opinion I still smoke it but with extreme caution where as before I did not have to be as cautious about green outs. during green outs ive experienced elevated heart rate. and quivering hands the only thing that helped me during green out was a tall large glass of milk and dim quite lighting with light R&B music. I was greened out for 3 hours straight it was horrible and can easily happen again if I exceed more than two puffs off a joint every 2 hours

Koz 2014.03.21 reply

On the 2 occasions this has happened to me a cold compress (wet cloth) on the forehead is good too.

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