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HID Grow Lights Overview: Metal Halide Vs HPS

Aired on: 2012.05.17

Its time for bulb basics! LED light, Plasma Lights and Fluorescents are getting more popular (and are definitely the future for pot growing) but nothing hits those perfect spectrums quite like HID bulbs, so they are still used at some point in the growing cycle by the large majority of Medical Marijuana growers. Today on Lex's World we'll compare these two bulbs, whether they should be used for Vegetative or Flowering phases, how much they cost and a quick safety tip. We'll also talk about the rarely discussed but very valuable conversion Metal Halide bulbs.

The bulbs explained in the video are the Plantmax 1000 Watt High Presure Sodium Bulb, and the Plantmax Bulb 1000W MH Conversion 7200K.


Ledfan 2014.01.29 reply

Hi Lex. Will you please make a review of LED lights? I had my first grow using a 90W Ufo LED, a few small 3x3W LEDs and some CFL combo over 2 plants in a tiny 60x60x90 tent with a hand made air suctioin pump I made out of 4 serial computer fans. The result was actually farily impressive. I harvested two full jars. So I think LEDs need more attention in your excellent knowledgebase. Keep on the good job man and stay high! :)

Lex 2014.03.01

Hi;someday I will do an episode on LEDs for sure....I'm just waiting for the technology to plateau a bit. Right now its going through a revolution and moving SO fast that any video I make will be invalid within 18 months.

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