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How To Never Run Out Of Weed: Stoner Networking

Aired on: 2012.05.21

Welcome to Lex's World & Stoner Networking 101! What is the #1 most important skill a stoner should have? Its not taking big long hits. Its not growing Marijuana because that's not required for everyone. Its Networking. If you know how to Network the Cannabis topic with those you know, you will never run out of friends to smoke with... and by extension; never run out of Marijuana sources. The first thing to do is get rid of the image of the random stranger in the back alley. The large majority of people get their pot from a friend they already knew in a very casual way. The next thing you must learn to do is find those friends among your possibly-anti-weed colleagues. Heck, there could be growers right in your immediate circle who you don't know about. Today we discuss how to find these people!

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