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How To Tell Good Quality Weed From Bad

Aired on: 2012.06.09

A brief explanation on how to VISUALLY tell whether bud is of high quality or potency with a quick inspection. Maybe even before you've paid for it! Its very hard to just tell quality by sight alone so today on Lex's World I'll show you how. You have to really inspect its characteristics. While knowing exactly how the bud was grown and what its genetics are is what truly gives you the clear picture of its quality, there are several tell-tale signs that point to quality.


BlazerL 2017.03.01 reply

Thank you for visiting Lex's World.ca ....unfortunately this website no longer updates with my newest content and is awaiting deletion, so to see new content, please click on the upper left-hand youtube link for my main youtube channel, which still updates with new stuff! Thanks!

Alexi 2014.02.25 reply

Lex, is buying weed in nuggs or grinded up better?

Lex 2014.03.01

Hey Alexi; I'd avoid grounded up weed whenever possible. You can tell absolutely nothing about it when its pre-grinded. It also might be what's called "shake"...the loose weed at the bottom of the bag that no one wants.

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