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Can/Should Pregnant Women Smoke Marijuana?

Aired on: 2012.08.08

Can pregnant women Smoke Cannabis? Should they? How might this affect the fetus? This topic may seem weird, but I'm constantly amazed at how many pregnant women go through this dilemma so I figured it was worth a video. Little do they know, this is actually a topic studied by science at length since the 1960s. Some amazing research has been completed on pregnancy and Marijuana but so far the jury is out, mostly due to the complexities proving causality or correlation in studies that involve pregnant women. The overriding wisdom is: when science isn't sure, why take the gamble? Pregnancy is supposed to be an all-healthy-living period anyway, so abstain. It's impossible to responsibly discuss all the research done in a 4 minute video, so I included a link instead.

Take a closer look at the research here.


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