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What To Do With Post-Cannabutter Weed?

Aired on: 2012.11.05

In Lexs Cannabutter Recipe Guide I showed you guys what happens to Cannabis after it goes through the cooking process. Its pretty gross. Today on Lex's World I show you whether its worth keeping, smoking or throwing away your Marijuana that's gone through the cooking process. I actually kept it for a change to see what happens. Its pretty predictable. Long story short: the butter goes bad and starts to smell like ass. The weed remains incredibly sticky from the budder for the next several days and the only way to smoke it is in a vaporizer. Even then, almost all its THC potency is lost. Verdict: THROW IT OUT.


Geewhizz 2017.09.28 reply

I whiz up the leftover mash with the liquid/eggs called for in a baking recipe. Great Gingerbread.

Will 2014.02.01 reply

If you're ok with the taste, you might aswell just sprinkle it into some brownies? Depends on how desperate you are to get the most out of it, I guess...

Gary 2014.03.16

I was thinking the same thing, it's covered in budder and there's got to be some THC left in there so you might as well it couldn't hurt. 

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